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"Turn Your Reserved Tee Time Into a Time Share Tee Time"

Your Reserved Tee Time Will Enable You to Play at Different Golf Courses

How It Works was created to allow permanent Golf tee time holders at a public golf course the flexibility to swap a round with fellow golfers at different public golf courses, providing a variety of golf experience, instead of playing the same golf course every week. You will always have a choice of whether or not you want to swap a round with someone.

When you think about it, Swap Tee Times turns your weekly golf tee time into a golf Timeshare WITHOUT any upfront costs associated with being a member of a Timeshare community.

Here is how it works:


1. Become a FREE member of the SwapTeeTimes community. Simply select “Player Register” and follow the instructions.


2. Register or enter your permanent tee time into the “swap” pool, by clicking on “Register My Tee Time” on the top menu or by clicking on the green “Register/Record” button on the right sidebar.


3. Search.  Once you include your golf tee time into the community, you will be able to search for other golf tee times by clicking on the “Search Tee Times to Swap” on the menu or by clicking on the blue “Swap Tee Times” button on the right sidebar. You can then request to swap your tee time  for a tee time at other courses in your area, that other Golfers have registered.  You can request a swap on a particular day. The search engine can find specific tee times at a specific course or can allow generic searches to find multiple choices for a given area, say a 20 mile radius from a zipcode


4. Confirmation. Once you select a tee time to swap to, a swap request email is sent to the owner. The other Golfer(s) will either accept your swap request or turn it down. You will be notified by email of their decision. You will be able to follow the status of your request by clicking on “My Swap Requests” on the top menu bar, or by clicking on orange “Check Status” button on the right sidebar. Once the other Golfer accepts your swap request an email is sent to all golfers notifying them of the swap. You are also given the names of the other Golf Group so you can further verify the validity of the tee time. We will also send an email to the Golf Course(s) notifying them of the swap.


5. Once you register your golf tee time you will receive Swap requests from other Golfers. You will have the opportunity to either accept their swap request or turn them down.


6.  There is a nominal cost associated with swapping with another person’s tee time at a different golf course. See the right sidebar for the actual cost.   Each group Captain, when accepting a swap request, will pay for his/her foursome.


It’s that simple!!



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